I attended a seminar last Saturday and the speaker referred to her experience as a former head teacher and a government schools inspector which she now used in her new role as a resource for local schools in her area. Each school pays in to a central pot which gives them access to a resource on an as needed basis whether for help with improving say specific provision in a curriculum area or for the head teacher to either assist with improving school provision or with ideas to develop the school for the benefit of the pupils. What they get is someone who knows what they are going through; whether from having done the job as a head teacher or knowing what the education authorities are trying to achieve from their time as an Inspector. The schools call it "Additional Management Resource and it is proving to be a great success. A practical solution to a practical problem

In essence that is what I provide. I have run a discreet part of a business for 30 years going through the whole range of business issues from expansion through sales and marketing, quality control and the contraction of a business through recession. I've had to lay off staff because of a downturn in business and presided over a return to profitability including building the staff base back up again.

From a charity perspective I have been a charity trustee for over 20 years in one form or another and so able to understand the issues that a trustee faces.

The point is that when someone seeks advice, they need to know that the advisor understands the issues that the individual is facing and that they are an additional management resource that they can call on as and when needed. A practical solution to a practical problem