Having set up my own consultancy as of 1st August last year and my website on 1st May this year, one of my biggest worries was how to get my name out there with a limited (in fact non-existent) advertising budget? Everyone told me I had to blog if I couldn't afford the extra costs of Google ads or something similar. My first worry was whether or not I would have anything to say to my target audience but in fact I have learned that people want information in easily digestible chunks that is relevant to their organisation.

I started blogging on a minimum of a weekly basis and I am delighted to say that it seems to work. Firstly you have to remember that you have to get people on to the website in the first place so whether it is via Direct emails, Linkedin, Facebook or even Twitter you have to let people know there is some useful information out there for them. Secondly I found the shorter the blog the more readers I seem to get and finally, it has to be relevant to them. People don't want to know who you had lunch with or that you bought a new computer this morning; they have other social media if that is their particular bag! They want information that will be of help to them in their day to day working lives.

So does it work? Well I haven't made it on to page 1 of Google yet but I have made it on to Page 5 and believe it or not No 1 this morning on Yahoo UK!! It's a start and it cost me nothing but a bit of time and energy. It's worth a try.


Since I wrote this article in July I have continued to Blog and I am now up to page 2 on Google so most definitely yes, it is worth trying!!


I am pleased to report that as of this morning Thursday 12th January 2017, I have achieved the holy grail of making it on to page 1 of google searches! I can definitely say that blogging works!


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