If you are a charity trustee, please be aware of the new rules which come into force from 1st August regarding disqualification of trustees and senior managers of charities. Introduced by the Charities Act 2016,the new rules disqualify people from being charity trustees or senior managers if they have committed  offences such as being put on the sex offenders register or  have unspent convictions for crimes such as terrorism or money laundering.

This is in addition to existing charity law were trustees can already be automatically disqualified for bankruptcy and for crimes involving dishonesty or deception, and of course,charities are already prohibited from appointing trustees who are disqualified. Those charities who regularly carry out DBS checks will of course be able to obtain this information but those who do not need to consider how they can deal with this matter for existing and prospective trustees.

 Some charities may choose a form of self assessment which is certainly not foolproof but charities need to show as a matter of good governance that these matters are being considered.