An excellent article by Stella Smith in the Third Sector newsletter on the failure to get the bridge built through lack of funding despite raising £37m from primarily government sources. Here is a prime example of a Charity raising money for a project and not being able to complete it (or in this case even start it) because of a total dependence on a few limited sources of funding. Whatever the charity's needs, from seeking funding for a capital project to running a drop in centre, you have to plan for the long term. Great; you win a grant for the next three years from the Big Lottery Fund but what happens at the end of the three years? Too often the project dies because the charity has wrongly assumed that there will be another grant and then another.

If a charity is undertaking a project, particularly one that involves human resources, of course you need to take an initial short term view about the project's success and failure which may involve employing people initially on a fixed term contract. But once the project is up and running AND there is some evidence of long term need then alternative funding must be sourced to ensure long-term viability. Too many worthwhile projects have died a death because of the lack of a long-term funding strategy. So please always have a long-term view in mind when considering the viability of new projects.