I have never been slow to share a good idea with my readers; even when it comes from someone else.Ian Crocombe of Iandi Business Solutions has come up with a new slant on an old problem; the impact of change throughout your organisation. I can do no better than let him tell it in his own words...over to you Ian

"Change activity where nothing really changes, improvement where nothing seems to get better or work that just doesn’t work. Sound familiar?

There is a way to achieve great change, to continuously improve and to ensure work meets the needs of the organisation, its customers/users, members and colleagues.

We call it ‘business ecosystem thinking’.

Ecosystem is a term often used in biology to describe a community of living organisms like plants and animals interacting with each other in a given area and how those interactions take place in a non living environment. The non living environment includes the weather, sun, soil, climate and atmosphere.  We’ve taken inspiration from nature to describe another sort of ecosystem where living organisms - people - interact with each other in a non living environment made up of buildings, computers, phones, tablets and so on. 

Every business, social enterprise, charity, club or society has their own unique ecosystem, factors that allow it to thrive and threats that can potentially harm it. 

iandi business solutions have defined what makes up a business ecosystem and how, using this ‘joined up thinking’ organisational culture, performance, engagement and advocacy can be transformed.

 Our experience, research and testing have identified 6 critical components of any business ecosystem:

1. Why are you here? Purpose

2. What do you have to be great at to achieve your purpose? Capability

3. How do you do what you do to be great? Process

4. What is the human dimension? People

5. How do you know if you’re achieving your purpose? Measurement

6. How do you continuously get better? Understand, learn & improve

By considering the business ecosystem as a whole and understanding how the components interact with each other will release a reduced cost of change, avoidance of unintended consequences and prevention of predictable failures of process, operations and team performance.

Oh and by the way, people (customers/users, members and colleagues) will be engaged, involved and very quickly able to see the benefits of this new joined up thinking.

This can all be achieved by taking inspiration from nature, applying long standing business disciplines and thinking differently.

Better performance naturally.

 There are loads of free downloads, more information about us and business ecosystem thinking, blogs and videos if you go to www.iandibusinesssolutions.co  Contact ian crocombe on 07990 698948, mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’re also on Twitter @iandibusiness1 and Facebook @iandibusinessecosystem"

Why am I allowing Ian to use my blog? Because good ideas are worth sharing and this is an approach which reminds us that all actions have consequences and for the consequences to be good for any business or charity the thinking should be joined up.