From the charity's perspective, not only are trustees often uncertain of their roles and responsibilities, they are now faced with a barrage of press stories which have damaged the goodwill that the sector has traditionally had with the public. How do you as trustees and your executive team work together to ensure that does not happen?

Lessons from these bad news stories are many and from my experience of working with charities there is much for all charities to do, no matter what their size. Issues that you face include:

  • lack of reserves
  • lack of trustee skills in the purpose of the charity
  • lack of ability to react to reputational damage
  • lack of financial control
  • lack of a working connection between the trustees and the executive team.

In addition, both trustees and the executive team are having to cope with a continually evolving Charities SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) which impacts on charities of all sizes, particularly in dealing with the Trustee or Governance Report. There is more emphasis now on explaining the risks that you incur and how you deal with them; your reserves policy, how it is calculated and why at the levels stated; how you reward your staff; how you have performed in the year (both good and bad news); how you are trained and your future plans.

Likewise, when was the last time you looked at your constitution?

You are being held to account not only by charity law but by your own governing document and when was the last time you checked if it was fit for purpose?

I have had over 25 years’ experience in helping charities address all these points and more from carrying out:

  • trustee training tailored to meet the needs of the charity
  • reviewing governing documents
  • reviewing committee structures
  • facilitating trustee and executive team away days
  • reviewing risk registers
  • reviewing reserve policies
  • reviewing investment policies
  • loan feasibility reviews.
  • mediation between trustees and between trustees and their executive team

I can assist you in formulating your overall strategy and also have access to a network of advisors on matters such as HR Policies, employment issues, legal problems, property problems etc.

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