From the business perspective, how do you grow a business in the present climate? How do you make it profitable and on a long term basis how do you make it saleable to reap the rewards of a lifetime of effort?

One of the biggest problems that Small Business Owners face is who to you talk to about your business. Some businesses do build an excellent support structure over the years and are extremely well organised whilst others, particularly those which are based on a hierarchy lack the organisation but are still extremely profitable. However, in both cases, there is often a recognition that change is needed. How do you effect change?

There are plenty of business advisors out there who will offer a whole range of training from, sales, IT. marketing, e-commerce, business mentors, business coaches etc. However, in my experience, as the owner of the business, you probably know what the answer to your problems;you just need some reassurance. In the event that you do get it wrong, you want somebody who will stand up to you, explain why you have got it wrong and then help you to find the right solution for your business.

What I offer is a holistic look at your business, to see where it can be improved and to help you achieve your goals. Your business might be:

  • a start-up where you have a good idea and want to see it launched
  • a relatively new business that needs some advice on how to move to the next stage
  • a mature business that is perhaps stagnating and needs some thought on how to refresh itself
  • a business where you are contemplating retirement in the medium term but wants some ideas on how to make the business more valuable to sell on your exit.

I can help you find an overall strategic view and access to a network of advisors to assist on specific matter such as HR Policies, employment issues, legal problems, property problems etc.

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