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During a recent marketing exercise I was carrying out with local charities, I emailed approximately 250 charities, using their contact details on the Charity Commission Website. Of this sample, 22 bounced back (almost9%) as the contact details were incorrect. In addition 7 of the 22 when I checked via their website listed at the commission had out of date website addresses.As if this isn't bad enough, over 50% of them had their contact email listed as "info@" "enquiries@" or "admin@".

A recent article in Third Sector Finance published a report commissioned by the Charity Finance Group and others indicating that from their survey, most charities would be unable to add to their reserves. It made me ask another question; are they really unable or is the truth that they are not prepared to make some hard choices?

At long last the Charity Commission are seeming to tackle the long awaited opportunity of converting from a Charitable Company to a CIO (Charitable Incorporated organisation). They are opening a consultation process which invites feedback on the proposed conversion process, and associated consequential changes. The consultation closes on 10th June and details can be found on the Charity Commission Website under the document entitled:

When I read a set of charity accounts, believe it or not I read the Trustees' report first and don't just look at the figures. Most of the time but not always there will be a small paragraph telling me that the trustees have either undergone some formal training or more often that not have undergone some sort of induction process which includes giving them some documentation to read which may or may not include some booklet or other issued by the charity commission.

For those charities who are in receipt of donations under gift aid, remember to keep your gift aid forms up to date. For further details go to for further details